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Ms.Inlynk.com was created as a means to provide information on my topics of interest, services I offer and loads of resources for all the industries I cover. Over the last 20 years, I had the pleasure of working amongst some of the most interesting people, explored various industries and learned a lot about my self-interests. All this I want to share with you! My experience has taught me that it’s not always about what you know or who you know but rather what you are willing to learn and who you are determined to meet. Life waits for no one and actually you shouldn’t either. My role is to help you make things happen – no waiting – just doing it!

What exactly do I do, you ask? Well, I am a multi-talented, self-taught woman who assists others in creating, enhancing or implementing their creative ideas, thus, taking them from an idea to a full blown operational business, career and sometimes just a new hobby. You can call me a business consultant – manager - who will work as your secretary – or just be the positive voice in your life - if that’s what you need! My job is to make your life easier – let’s just say I work hard so you don’t have to! But understand this – I help those who help themselves, if you don’t do your part, I can’t do mine. I love what I do but I don’t work for free; anything worth having is worth paying for!
My work spans across multiple industries. I love the world of business, period! The looking for a new creative approach or rediscovering old ones that worked, I love it all. My areas of expertise range from Administrative to Marketing to Accounting and beyond. And trust me, I don’t know it all about anything but I know how to and I WILL find out whatever it is I don’t. I am an analyst, somewhat a detective. Just tell me what you need and I will get it done! See, I have not one but many dreams yet to become reality. However, each day is a step in the right direction. How do I know? Because “if you believe it you can achieve it”; I now live by those words. My career allows me to help others understand and utilize this concept on a daily basis. I pride myself on the fact that I am actually living one of my dreams. I get to wake up and go to work for you and me! I love what I do and that’s my top dream – to live a life in which I am happy doing what I do best – helping others.
Ms.Inlynk.com is a good representation of me. My site isn’t just about what I can do for your business but who your doing business with – ME! I am a proud mother, a diversified woman full of faith, a loyal friend and if not yet, soon to be your partner in business! I won’t work for you; but I will work with you to get you the results that you seek. I provide you great resources for business and for life, in general. One of the industries I work in, which is also where my heart lays, is in the Entertainment Business. I don’t sing, not an actor and I don’t use my video camera as often as I did once; but if it’s about the business of the industry, the happenings or a new discovery – I got you!
Oh, and I know you’re wondering why do I go by Ms. Inlynk? I believe that in every project I undertake, every idea I work to bring to life that I am the "Missing Link". Why? Because I am like glue I hold things together. I am like a chained fence, I make you feel secure even when things are stacked against you or we step outside of the box. I am the one that links you whenever to whatever or whomever however! Welcome To Ms.Inlynk.com!

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Ms.Inlynk.com understands that before you do business you must understand just what we can do for you, for how much and how long will it take. So to ensure we are a good match, we are offering free one hour consultations for all potential customers. We have provided a vast array of quality professional services and pr ovided knowledge covering all areas of business, broadcast media, entertainment and more! Learn More About what Ms.Inlynk.com has offered by reviewing some of my past work and then request your FREE consultation today!

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